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FREE Shipping to continental USA and No Sales Tax *Except Texas
FREE Shipping to continental USA and No Sales Tax *Except Texas

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9 Ft Music of the Spheres Windchime Large Deep Tone Contrabass

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  • Pipe Diameter: 3.5 inches 
  • Overall Hanging Length: 108" (Top to bottom of windcatcher)
  • Minimum hanging clearance of 11.5 Ft
  • Weight: 100 lbs


    • Superior quality and meticulous craftsmanship translates into a 15 yr warranty- the best in the industry
    • Acoustically superior. Precision Tuned to A440 (standard orchestral pitch) and sing with a rich, lyrical blend of tones
    • Handcrafted, one chime at a time in Austin, Texas. All components Made in USA
    • Tempered aluminum alloy tubing will never rust
    • Superior design with central tube suspension and smoothly polished tube ends to prevent cord abrasion typical of other, less labor-intensive suspension techniques. Heavy gauge polished stainless steel rings provide sturdy support
    • The tubing is coated with a sleek black corrosion protective finish that provides durability in all kinds of hostile outdoor environments (acid rain, salt air, etc.) while preserving the chime's appearance
    • Solid UV stabilized polyethylene clappers provide superior tonal quality and outdoor durability. The unique interchangeable & detachable windcatcher provides activity control


    The Austin hill country is alive with the sounds of Music of the Spheres. Handcrafted in Austin, TX, the large wind chimes are a local favorite and featured prominently at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Austin's Zilker Botanical Garden to name a few. The large sizes are befitting of the beauty of a majestic garden and will adorn your outdoors while producing a symphonic quality tune.

    This majestic large windchime hangs at 9 ft in length from the top of the crown knot to the bottom of the windcatcher and will serve as a beautiful statement piece and a perfect choice as an elegant and artistic focal point in your garden or courtyard. Besides the impressive size, this extra large windchime will immediately transform any space into an idyllic and relaxing setting as this beautiful piece of art gently sways in the breeze. Enjoy the low pitch expanded Quartal tuning. Sounds best paired with a higher pitched chime to complement each other.

    About the Manufacturer

    Since its founding in 1991, Music of the Spheres has been dedicated to manufacturing the most durable wind chime with the highest acoustic quality possible. Wind chimes are beautifully crafted from components made in the USA. Please sample the musical tuning up above to hear the incredible clarity and rich gentle sound of the expanded Quartal tuning. 

    Designed to Accompany Each Other: 

    • Collect multiple sizes in the same musical tune for a symphonic quality ensemble "singing in parts" effect. Example: Choose "Quartal" in other sizes of Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Bass
    • Or create an ensemble with a companion series in a different tuning. Mix and match and blend different tunings and sizes

    For more information on wind chime details and other size options including the 14 Ft Basso Profundo wind chime, click here

    This exceptional windchime is made to order just for you. Please expect 2-3 weeks build time. 

      Wind Chime FAQ

      How do I care for the chimes?

      Chimes are maintenance free and require little or no care, rain or shine. They will last longest hung in a sheltered or shaded location.

      How should I hang my chimes?

      They should be suspended securely a safe distance from objects such as windows which may be battered during unexpectedly high winds.

      What about bad weather?

      If severe weather has been forecast (hurricane, tornadoes, bad storms) and you can reach the chime, protect it by removing the windcatcher and binding the tubes together with a rope or bungee cord.

      Where to install?

      The chime weighs around 200 pounds and needs a minimum of 15 feet to clear the ground and play effectively.  A sturdy tree, gazebo or structure can be used to hang the chime.  A hardwood tree such as oak or maple with branches capable of supporting a 200-pound man without bending or breaking is ideal for hanging your chime.  NOTE:  DO NOT hang in soft wood trees such as hackberry, pine, pecan or cottonwood, as they self-prune and may drop branches unexpectedly.  If you are not sure of your tree, please consult a licensed arborist or your local county extension agent.  They are trained and can assist you in choosing the proper strength and type of tree for your chime.

      What if they are too loud?

      They may be "turned down" by removing the windcatcher from its snap-hook attachment or "turned off" by sliding the clapper up its cord and suspending it over the ring.

      The windcatcher hook assembly provides simple but effective method of varying the chime's activity level. If you would prefer more chime activity please contact us and a larger windcatcher can be purchased from the manufacturer to replace the original windcatcher. Alternatively, a smaller windcatcher can be purchased if less chime activity is preferred.


      Exceptional Warranty

      This product carries a manufacturer's warranty of 15 years. The Contrabass is unconditionally guaranteed for a period of fifteen years against functional defects in materials and workmanship, as the ropes are a marine-use UV resistant material with a substantial core inside the outer braid.