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FREE Shipping to continental USA and No Sales Tax *Except Texas

Large Party Tent for Weddings, Party Venues, Sporting Events, Shelter, Long 14 W x 27 L x 9 H


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If you’re looking to buy a party tent, the 14x27x9 is a great option for your outdoor events. This party tent is commonly used for weddings, lawn parties, sporting events, and impromptu gatherings. It can even be used as a show booth for your hobby or business. The convenient storage bag makes it easy to care for your tent and bring it anywhere. This portable party tents are easy to assemble and require no tools.

The CPAI-84 fire-rated fabric cover we use will make your tents safe and practical for any outdoor event, even public ones. The design is sleek and elegant with our gray powder coated frame and white fabric with blue trim. The tents can be arranged to your liking with removable side panels and doors. You can prop open the doors and secure them open during use. Our removable panels make it easy to line up the tents end to end or side to side for larger gatherings. If you need a party tent for your next event, this is a great investment for your venue, home or business.


  • 8 oz Cover & Panels
  • Two Arched Windows per Side
  • 1-3/8″ Gray Powder Coated Frame
  • 2 Double Zipper Doors – 10’W X 7’H
  • Storage Bags Included

About the Manufacturer


Rhino Shelters by MDM products is committed to delivering the best portable garages and shelters in the industry. They have not only met industry standards but have set the industry standards since 2001 from their location in the heart of the Milford, CT business district. Their expert team is full of knowledge and experience delivering not only the best products but for the best value.

      Exclusive Features

      • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Finish on All Steel Frame Components for Maximum Strength & Long Life
      • Easy Fit Together Design – all Pre-drilled & Cut
      • Easily Removable Side Panels with Bungee Cord Fasteners
      • Double Zipper Door with Bottom Pocket Side Panels with Attractive Framed Windows
      • Two (2) Bungee Cord Tie Ups for Door
      • Protective Plastic Tube End Caps – All Open Ends
      • Standard Cotter Pin Type Hardware Connectors
      • Attractive White Plastic Feet
      • Average Install time – 1 Hour
      • 220 lbs. Shipped in Four(4) Boxes Via Motor Freight

      Standard Specifications

      • Product Size 14′ Width x 27′ Length x 9′ Height
      • Arches Five (5) on 48″ spacing: 1-5/8″ galvanized frame members
      • Standard End Door Size Center: 10′ Width X 8′ Height: Outer Ridge: 10′ Width X 6′ Height
      • Anchors Lawn Stakes for Plastic Feet
      • Windows Four (4) clear plastic windows sewn into sidewalls: windowpanes screen printed onto plastic
      • Shipping Weight 220 lbs. shipped in four (4) boxes
      • Stock Number PY142709HPT
      • Available Colors White with Blue Border, Interior Color White
        Frame Members Charcoal Gray
      • Main Cover UV Protected, fabric-backed polyethylene, 8 oz weight
      • Fire Retardant Standard Main Cover & Doors meet CPAI -84 Section 5
      • Shipping Method Shipped via Motor Freight Only
      • Box Dimensions Box 1: 80″ Long x 17″ Wide x 3.75″ High
      • Box 2: 78″ Long x 10.5″ Wide x 3.75″ High
      • Box 3: 81.5″ Long x 17″ Wide x 3.75″ High
      • Box 4: 30″ Long x 17.5″ Wide x 11″ High

      One Box Shipment – Easily unloaded and transported

      Click Here for Assembly Instructions

      Click Here for Party Tent Specs

      Fabric Details

      Rhino Shelter’s cover fabric is unmatchable against other manufacturer’s materials.

      • Rhino Shelter, uses an impressively strong fabric membrane that requires minimal maintenance. The material is a triple stack weave that has unmatched strength-to-weight ratios. All Rhino Shelter covers are made with 10oz per square yard material. We measure our fabric in yards but in meters our fabric comes out to be 12oz per square meter. Rhino Shelter fabric can be found on any Rhino Shelter portable shelter. 
      • All Rhino Shelter fabric membranes feature a bright white underside that allows for maximum interior light. This makes for a pleasant, bright atmosphere inside the portable shelter.
      • Most important, ALL Rhino Shelter instant garages have a special layer in between the outer and inner layers called an Inner Black Scrim. The Inner Black Scrim has a coating that blocks 100% sunlight from penetrating through the material. The UV rays from the sun are very harmful to the material and the Inner Black Scrim helps to extend the life of our covers beyond those of our competitors! Along with protecting the cover, this also provides for cooler temperatures inside the portable shelter during the warmer months of the year.
      • All Rhino Shelter cover fabric is infused with a special chemical inside and outside to protect it against the sun’s harmful UV Rays. This special chemical not only coats the outer fabric for protection against UV Rays but also makes the material waterproof as well as giving it protection against scuffs to preserve the outside appearance.
      • Rhino Shelter heat welds all seams to go up and over the width of the portable shelter.This gives the material a drum tight fit over the frame of the portable shelter. This welding technique also adds strength to the cover’s weight ratio. The fabric will stay tight and secure on the frame and will not only give it a cleaner look, but also help the cover to last longer. We can proudly say that our covers are wrinkle free.
      • Rhino Shelter instant garages are also used for temporary workshops. Many people use heaters inside to heat the portable shelters during the winter months. To this end, we also provide a chemical that makes Rhino Shelter covers fire retardant that meets even the California building code called CPIA-84.This is used on the end panels as well as the main cover. A fire retardant material is just another way we separate our covers against other manufacturers.

      Important Rhino Shelter Cover Material Specifications:

      • 10oz per sq yard / 12oz per sq meter fabric weight.
      • 10% UV chemical treatment.
      • Triple Stack Weave provides unmatched strength.
      • Multiple color choices (green, gray, tan).
      • Inner Black Scrim material (blocks 100% UV).
      • White interior underside for light reflection.
      • Reinforced rope above grommets are heat-welded to prevent grommets from pulling out. (fabric stays tight for longer life and cleaner look).
      • Special coating on the outside to provide UV protection, waterproofing, and scuff protection to preserve appearance.
      • 2 Year Warranty (no prorating).
      • Material is made of a Rip-Stop-Poly that prevents any rips that occur from expanding.
      • Material is fire resistant and meets the California building code CPIA-84. Material will self-extinguish if the source of the flame is removed.

      Rhino Shelter uses T-100 Welding

      Machines by Miller Weldmaster to heat weld our covers.

      Steel Tubing Details

      permanent anchors

      Rhino Shelter’s Heavy Duty Galvanized Structural Steel Tubing

      Rhino Shelter’s Steel Tubing is unmatched against other manufacturer’s materials.

      Rhino Shelter’s galvanized steel tubing is the product of choice for portable garages and portable buildings. The unique double-dipped process provides a triple layer of corrosion protection inside and out that stands the test of time.

      All Rhino Shelter portable garages from the 5x10x8 Cycle Cabana to the 40x60x18 Domed Truss Building (with the exception of the Party Tents, Party Canopies, and Steel Carports) use Rhino Shelter’s heavy duty galvanized steel tubing. This ensures that all of these buildings are built to last and will hold up against harsh winds and heavy snow.

      The process begins with flat strip steel, which is cold-formed and induction welded. After welding the tube goes through two coating baths. The first coating bath bonds zinc to the hot tubing and is followed by a conversion coating which provides another layer of protection for longer resistance to rust and corrosion.

      The second and final protective coating bath involves a clear organic polymer that gives the tube one last barrier against corrosion as well as giving the surface an attractive brightness. The result is a smooth, shiny end product that is unmatched in terms of strength and durability – it will not dull with age, nor will the coating flake off during building construction.

      Important Rhino Shelter Steel Tubing Specifications:

      Tubing Diameter and Guage Of Buildings
      5x10x8 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 1 5/8″
      8x8x8 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 1 5/8″
      12x12x8 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 1 5/8″
      12x20x8 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 1 5/8″
      12x24x8 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 1 5/8″
      12x24x10 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 1 5/8″
      12x28x12 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 2 3/8″
      22x24x12 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 2 3/8″
      30x30x15 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 2 3/8″
      30x40x15 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 2 3/8″
      40x60x18 – Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tubing Diameter 2 3/8″

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